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We Have Ignition

We Have Ignition

If you consider that each garden firework lasts an average of 15 seconds to fill just a minute, you would light four different fireworks.

Here at Epic Fireworks we have a MASSIVE selection of SINGLE IGNITION BARRAGES which last anything from a sky filling 20-seconds to a full 2 minutes of spectacular. Prices start for 1.3g single ignition barrages for the stunning Silver Spirals which including VAT is only £4.95 rrp £6.99 (one of the most widely used in pro displays) and lasts for around 25-seconds whereas at the other end of the scale, you have the stunning Sabretooth barrage which is £99.96 including VAT rrp £199.99 lasting around 2 minutes and 20 seconds full of effects and an absolute beauty and brilliant for New Years Eve celebrations around the country.

The principle of the SIB is that they have created lots of tubes full of effects and fuse linked them to fire each ‘tube’ in turn. One light, stand well back and enjoy … even a man can manage it without the dreaded instructions!

FACT - Epic Fireworks stock the largest range of single ignitions in the country :)

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