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Virgin On Excellent

Virgin On Excellent

While trawling the internet as we do every morning, (usually over tea and bacon sarnies) keeping our many blog readers up to date with the latest pyro news and items we think you may find interesting, I came across the little beauty.

When it comes to getting it right it seem we at Epic have a commonality with the legend that is Richard Branson, service, quality, satisfaction, price.

Starting from humble beginnings at the age of 16, his first business venture was the “student” magazine, he later moved on to start up an audio/record mail order company followed swiftly by the famous Virgin record stores, Sir Richard is now worth an estimated 4.6 BILLION U.S dollars owning over 400 companies and is the UK’s 4th richest man.



Ask anyone who has dealt with us and they would, according to customer feedback, testimonials and word of mouth recommend us to friends and family why not give us a try if you haven’t already.

Jimmy’s/Epic Fireworks not your average Fireworks company.

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