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Valentine’s Day. How To Do It Right.

Valentine’s Day. How To Do It Right.

Valentines Day with Epic Fireworks

Valentines can include anything from romantic to quirky and funny to downright embarrassing but there is any number of things to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

From planning romantic walks by the sea (with the freezing winds and waves splashing around the other half’s Jimmy Choos along with the storm makeover after she has just spent over 3 hours getting ready for her ‘romantic night’ with you) to an evening of go-karting (not necessarily what she had in mind. . . again!!) these are not necessarily the best around but there are some true no-no’s this Valentine’s day and these are some of the worst:

• Petrol station flowers – ahhhh diesel scented chrysanthemums –NOOOO
• Tricky underwear – in the wrong size
• All you can eat buffet vouchers
• Bargain bin ‘love’ albums
• Tacky cheap costume jewellery
• Cuddly toys (if she is 10 years old – perhaps!!)
• Bars of chocolate – clearly an afterthought
• Cheap perfume
• Football match tickets – really!!
• A new iron or a kettle (only if you want it embedded in the side of your head)

The point is really that with a little bit of thought, you really can make this the most romantic day of the year.

Come on Yorkshire let’s make this the most romantic Valentine’s day possible. It’s not what it costs is the thought that counts but if you are going to do it on a budget try to give it some thought. It may not always be possible to afford to take your loved one out to dinner and whilst daunting, it is possible for ANYONE to create a delicious meal.

The best advice is not to try to go for something which is too taxing as the idea is to make it delicious but not too costly and easy to prepare in advance. There are some fabulous ‘one tray’ or ‘one pot’ recipes available online. A couple of tea-lights, a single rose and a bottle of wine and you are set. Make sure you rent a film, allow her time for a hot bath and then enjoy a meal together.

If you are looking for something a little different for your loved one, why not make it special with a Heart Rocket. At just £14.95 they are relatively inexpensive and the rocket’s heart burst will show your other half just how much you care.

Happy Valentine’s Day :)

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