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Using Fountains To The Best Effect


Fountains are a popular, but under-estimated firework. They lack the “Big Boy” appearance of a large rocket, and don’t draw the eye on the shelf like big cakes - but none the less they are a cheap and excellent way of adding to your display.

I’d recommend that fountains are used early in the display - perhaps get people’s attention with a large rocket to start, then start the show properly with some fountains. Children love them, and they are a pretty and pleasant way to ease people into the show.

The Krazy Klock fountain, a long time favourite from Brothers Pyrotechnics, has a remarkable mix of effects and duration for its small size and looks cool- start with that! Build on this with some multi-effect fountains, followed by Conic Fountains (see the video of the Super Conic Fountain below) - ideally, these should start just as the mixed effects are finishing. They build in pace from a small whoosh, to a very bright and high plume, a guaranteed crowd pleaser. I like to use a Silver at each side with a gold in the middle. Finally, for a bit of aggression, finish the fountains section with a pair of crackle crackers or “snakes”. These innovative fireworks are based on the crackers of old but use a crackle rather than bang effect.

And, so, that’s that! For a budget of around £40 (the cost of just one medium-sized cake,) this gives several minutes of entertainment, will be popular and appeal to all ages, and adds a mix to the show that people will remember.

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