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Just a couple of days ago, the U.S.A celebrated one of the most important days in their country, Independence Day. We thought we’d look back at the history of this date, and its significance in American History.

Known colloquially as 4th July, this is the date that American people commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The signing of this declaration officially establishing the United States of America.


The founding fathers of congress at the time declared that the thirteen colonies (previously British Colonies) were no longer subject to British rule and were now free and independent states.

4th of july fireworks downtown minneapolis minnesota

See below a brilliant video put together by John Green, breaking down the details on American Independence, and how it came to be.

People in the USA love to celebrate their independence with great food, drinks, family celebrations and fireworks! Keep scrolling to see what we think are some of the best fireworks displays from this year’s 4th July celebrations.

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks:

This display is perfected repeatedly each year, with 2,400 shells and effects used per minute used to light up the NYC skyline, making for a grand total of 60,000 total shells.

Washington DC National Mall Fireworks:

Fireworks fit for a president! See here the fabulous display that the president himself Joe Biden was watching.

Boston Pops Fireworks:

Boston threw a fireworks fuelled party on the 4th over the water, and some unique shells!

Nashville Fireworks:

Pyro filled the sky in Nashville, Tennessee this 4th July.

As you can see, the states do not fall short when it comes to celebrating their country in style! Lots of happy wishes to all our American readers.
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