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Under A Tenner. BARGAIN.


In this day and age, it is increasingly important to make sure that your money goes as far as is possible and here at Head Office we like to ensure that all customers, irrespective of whether they are spending £10 or £1000 get the best possible value for money.

I have checked and there are a massive number of items available from Epic Fireworks which all cost less than £10.00.

This is the list and I for one was surprised:

• A choice of 8 x Selection Boxes
• 3 type of Sparkler
• 11 x Roman Candles
• 17 x Mines
• 11 x Fountains
• 12 x Catherine Wheels
• 9 x 1.4g rockets
• 4 x 1.3g rockets
• 2 x single big rockets
• 14 x 1.4g barrages
• 9 x 1.3g barrages

With so much choice, and ideal for anybody in Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster, Chesterfield, Huddersfield or anywhere else in the UK, we are incredibly easy to find as we are just a few hundred yards off the M1 J36 heading for Sheffield North. Take the second right and first left and we are around 200 yards down, just past the Fire Station.

If you come early, you will avoid the massive rush around the 5th and we will be only too happy to check what will best suit your requirements.


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