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UK Fireworks: A Buyers Guide/Fountains

UK Fireworks: A Buyers Guide/Fountains

UK Fireworks: A Buyers Guide - Fountains by Epic Fireworks

Fountains are perhaps the most common fireworks for garden fireworks displays and small parties where there are a lot of children, indeed for most of us fountains are our first close up encounter with pyrotechnics. When our fathers and uncles take us into the back garden and let us close to the magical things for the first time.

Something about fountains resembles a fire and I think this is why it is easy to be hypnotized by a fountain much in the way men standing around a fire can easily find themselves all staring at the flames. Next time you are at a barbecue have a close look at the men next to the fire; look at their eyes, the red flickering light reflected there lends a man a faraway look. What is actually happening here is the man is being spiritually spirited to his primeval ancestry where the flames symbolise his dominance over the earth and all creatures on it (citation totally needed). This can be summed up beautifully in three simple words,

“Man like Fire!”

So what types of fountains are out there?

There are many types of fountains available with a wide range of effects. The basic effect is a shower of sparks that launches upwards from the fountain and cascades downwards to create the “fountain” look. This can be mixed with other effects such as crackles or pops and given further depth by adding different colours or different phases of colours. So the fountain may start with green sparks and progress to red with crackles, etc.

Now to break this down even further, there are 2 distinct types of fountain, Cat 2, which means small or garden fireworks which are perfect for the kids. And Cat 3, the good stuff, which will be a much larger fountain and great for putting into larger displays. A Cat 3 fountain could easily get to be as tall as a 2 storey house and could last for about 1 minute.

Top Tips for Buying Fountains

  1. Check the video.
  2. Ask yourself, “How much air am I buying?”
  3. Check what Category (Cat 3 or Cat 4) it is.
  4. Look for the colours and effects you want.
  5. Watch the video!

The more aware among you, the men that are not still thinking about fire, will notice that watching the video has been highlighted here as the most important thing to do. As with all fireworks you really don’t know what you are buying. The salesman may tell you what he thinks it does, but can he really remember every effect? Of course not (unless he works at Epic Fireworks in which case he probably can). Even if the salesperson does know exactly what they are talking about, you should see the video first as you may have a totally different idea of what a good firework is. In short, watch the videos!

How much air am I buying? This is a very good question. Many fireworks in the UK are packaged to make them look a lot bigger than they are. You may think the fountain you are buying is 10 inches tall but maybe only the top 2 inches has any powder in it. The rest is just a fancy wrapper, which you are paying for. A good way to get a rough idea is to feel the weight of the fountain. If you think it should be heavier for the size of it, it’s probably an air-filled fountain.

What Category is this fountain? Another great question. If the fountain is a Cat 2 (garden firework) and you are buying it as part of your “jolly boys, mad lads, weekend firework finale”, you may be disappointed. Similarly if you are buying fireworks for your 1 year olds birthday, chances are you would prefer the garden fireworks so you should go for Cat 2. Do not be afraid to ask the question. What Category is this fountain?

Look for the colours and effects you want.

This is common sense stuff now. If you are a big fan of the colour green or have planned a wedding themed around green. You do not want a fountain that is all red. You want a green fountain, simple. The same goes for noise, if you are looking for a quiet fountain with no noise, or one with crackles. It’s easy, just ask.

Remember you are the one with the money looking to buy a firework, ask the questions and get the answers you want. This takes us back beautifully to the main point. Watch the videos. Until you have seen a video of the firework in question you are “buying blind”. Don’t buy blind, watch the videos!

I hope this has been helpful to you in your search for fountains. Remember if you have any questions or comments do not be shy, ask away, that’s what we are here for.

And here it is, in all its glory, the Mammoth Conic Fountain by Standard Fireworks. Enjoy!

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