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UFO Witnessed At The Olympic Opening Ceremony

The 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony was watched by a staggering estimated one billion people whilst some it would seem had their eyes trained elsewhere.

There have been literally hundreds of sightings of the UFO seen by some on Sky News and other media outlets. However exciting Danny Boyle’s Olympic Opening Ceremony may have been, I for one very much doubt that the little green men would have travelled multiples of millions of miles across the universe in order to come to London to see the fireworks now do you?

However unlikely the visit from outer space may be to Joe normal in the street, there is an increasingly large number of ‘experts’, trying to convince the World and its mother otherwise.

The spacecraft was actually a Goodyear Blimp that had been in the air for most of the week before in and around London and the Boroughs so no surprises there. The footage of the space ship was initially posted onto YouTube by Mr Scipher which has since set off this global phenomenon. There was a ‘prediction’ by one of the UK’s most prominent UFO experts, Nick Pope, who had said that the 2012 Olympics could attract extraterrestrial visitors who want to reveal their presence to mankind. Of course the more sceptical of us might think why in gods name are the ET’s interested in the slightest in our sporting achievements or indeed about making it onto the World Stage.

According to the National Press, Downing Street has already shown a limited interest in all things UFO but maintained that they want to be kept in the loop following a number of accusations that there are matters being kept from the general populace in relation to sightings, resulting in demands to make any ‘evidence’ documented be made available.

There is one thing for certain, the London Olympics 2012 will certainly earn the distinction of the greatest show in the history of mankind if it turns out that alien tourists showed up for the opening ceremony!! And if it is not a Goodyear blimp, then London Olympics 2012 may rank in the archives of UFO history along with the Roswell sighting.

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