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Typhoon Twister Barrage by Black Cat Fireworks

Typhoon Twister stats:

No. of Shots ——16

Effect ————– comets, flying tails

Colour ————- silver, blue

Duration ———– 35 seconds

Calibre ————-18mm

The Typhoon Twister barrage from Black Cat Fireworks is an old school firework from back in the day. These were popular as far back as 1993 when they were first introduced to the UK and they are sadly soon to be no more. These are old stock from Black Cat Fireworks and are now classified as 1.3G fireworks. Fortunately for us at Epic Fireworks we can still sell 1.3G and will continue to do so, even if Black Cat will not.

Typhoon Twister Review:

Spiralling spinning tails burst into a quiet and pretty whistling spinner with tiny blue stars. This is certainly no storm in a teacup and at this exceptional price – just £3.45 per unit – this is a fantastic barrage to pad out your display and at a very cheap and effective section to your bonfire night show.

We like to light these 2 at a time for a very cost effective performance that will still impress.


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