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Top Quality Fireworks For Sale Online

The Epic Fireworks Showroom

Top quality fireworks for sale online and delivered directly to your door! Make all your festivities go with a bang with our collection of rockets, cakes, barrages and fountains and we have something to suit every customer’s requirement. Whether you are looking for fireworks for Bonfire Night, New Years Eve or indeed for a special birthday or other celebration, we can deliver to you.

Because fireworks are classified as explosives, we use specialist couriers. Offseason, we have a courier company who deliver all over the UK and we try to meet your requirements for delivery schedule wherever possible. In the Bonfire season, however, we have a specialist team of drivers who are all specially trained ADR license holders and there are vans delivering all over the Country every day.

The Epic Fireworks Showroom

If you have an event, whether this is a birthday or an anniversary, we have just the thing. All orders over £295.00 are delivered free of charge. But, we don’t exclude anyone – orders under this amount can be delivered but there is an automatic delivery charge of £50.00 levied so if your order is over £200.00 you would probably be better served adding to your order rather than paying for delivery.

Our specialist display packs have been created with the customer in mind in as much as they are easy to lay out, you will get a professional quality display which you have the kudos of saying you did. There is something very basic about lighting your own explosives as the pyro boys who visit us regularly would agree with.

We have a collection of displays for Weddings, Bonfire Night and New Year's Eve as well as the upcoming Diwali celebrations. If however, you would prefer to make your own selections, I would recommend that you give us a call or if you have the opportunity, come along to see us in Sheffield and we will have a cup of tea and a chat to establish what will best suit your needs. If you do come along to collect from the showroom and take one of the pre-set display packs, you also get 4 of our wonderful Sky Thriller Rockets free of charge.

So, whether you are looking for a display for your teens birthday or are celebrating a special anniversary this year, then look no further.

We are open all year apart from Christmas, Boxing and New Years day and will be happy to help you.

Photographs by UKFR

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