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1605 Firework Set

Top Quality Firework Selection Boxes

Many of the selection boxes are part of the collection only packs that have been specifically designed by the Epic team. Also, these are available to buy on there own and we have a wide selection available to suit every event.

Sunfire – Safety Distance 8 Metres - noise rating 2/10 - With 15 pieces this is a selection of fountains, candles, and the famous Catherine wheel. It is also featured in our collection offer pack Plot Night.

Lucky Star – Safety Distance 8 Metres – noise rating 2/10 - Again has 15 pieces and instead of the Catherine wheel has a shot tube amongst the selection of fountains and candles with varied effects. The safety distance been low on both these boxes makes them ideal for garden displays.


Gemini – Safety Distance 8 Metres – noise Rating 3/10 - Containing 17 top quality garden fireworks with something that everyone will enjoy. A mixture of rockets, fountains, mine, roman candles, and a wheel this box has a fabulous array sound and visual effects and is the perfect box to introduce anyone to fireworks.

Superstar – Safety Distance 8 Metres – Noise Rating 3/10 - Marvel fireworks have put this value for money box together for anyone that wants to try fireworks for the first time and with both children and pets in mind. This is a low noise box with all ground level fireworks. the super star box in also available Traitor’s, in our collection only pack.

Family – Safety Distance 25 Metres – Noise Rating 3/10 - This family firework selection box contains great aerial and ground firework displays. Containing fountains, roman candles, a wheel, and a missile cake the pieces may be small, but they provide an array of colours, and big effects. Something for all the family to enjoy, also featured in the Treason collection only pack.

fireworks for the scout group

Ultimate Power – Safety Distance 8 Metres – Noise Rating 5/10 - Instead of smaller fireworks as found in many of the selection boxes, the Ultimate power Barrage Box by TNT fireworks contains 9 larger sized fireworks. An array of all aerial multi-shot fireworks perfect for an impressive family garden display.

Merlin – Safety Distance 25 Metres – Noise Rating 5/10 – Even with a longer safety distance than other boxes, this does not stop it been a bargain display pack that will entertain the younger ones in the family. This garden display pack contains a great variety of rockets, fountains, a wheel, and a mine each offering different sounds and effects.

Conjuror – Safety Distance 8 Metres – Noise Rating 5/10 - Featuring multi shot, single shot and vertical firing from the 3 fountains, 3 roman candle cakes, 1 shot tube, 3 Roman candles, 2 Rockets, 1 mine and 1 wheel. A great assortment of fireworks that is popular with young and old alike. Featured in the 1605 collection only pack.

Range Rover Overfinch Full Of Epic Fireworks

Affinity – Safety Distance 8 Metres – Noise Rating 5/10 - This little garden firework box by Standard Fireworks will ensure that all the audience will enjoy every piece whether young or old. There are 14 pieces that are a mixture of both multishot and vertical firing fireworks.

TNT Total Party Pack – Safety Distance 8 Metres – Noise Rating 5/10 - This is the ultimate selection of fireworks for your bonfire night. With 47 pieces it has a huge selection of effects and sounds both ground level and aerial effects. Also, for a bigger display we have included this pack along with other fantastic fireworks in our Penny for the Guy collection only pack.

Ultimate Firework Selection Box – Safety Distance 8 Metres – Noise Rating 6/10 – This amazing firework selection of fountains, roman candles, shot tubes, roman candle cakes, rockets, mine and sparklers does exactly what it says on the front cover. Perfect for a garden fireworks display.

It's Started At Epic Fireworks HQ

Party Time – Safety Distance 25 metres – Noise Rating 6/10 - One of the biggest sellers we have by Marvel fireworks. This high-quality mix of fireworks provide both excellent aerial and ground effects for entertaining guests on bonfire night and is also featured in the famous Guidos collection only pack.

TNT Party In A Box – Safety Distance 25 metres – Noise Rating 6/10 - This display pack has everything you need for the back-garden display, with sparklers even in for the kids (both little and big). A Wide variety of quality products make up this pack that has 51 pieces in total.

Epic Bonfire Bash – Safety Distance 25 Metres – Noise Rating 8/10 – Containing a massive 15 fountains, 3 roman candles, 2 noisey missile cakes and not forgetting our very own 1.3G rockets, and 10 packs of good old sparklers. Make sure your display is an Epic one by adding this to your basket now.

To see exactly what each of these selection boxes contains and exactly what they do why not visit our website and watch videos in full. 

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