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Top Pyro Picks: Fan Barrages

Top Pyro Picks: Fan Barrages

In the world of fireworks, where they all have their own charm and style, fan barrages are up there as one of the best fireworks you can buy to add drama and interest to your display.

These awesome barrages, are the perfect addition to any event and we've selected our 10 favourite fan barrages for you to explore and demonstrate why these are an essential addition to any firework display.

Check them out and find your next favourite.


No. of Shots: 28 
Approx Firework Duration: 30 Sec
Noise Rating: 6/10 

“With being busy setting off other fireworks during our display I didn't get to actually see this firework, but the visual impact is secondary - the sound is nothing short of comical. I heard the shots and I heard the laughter from the crowd - and apart from some massive finale fireworks, these were the highlight of the night. We'll definitely buying a couple more for next year's event.” - Gavin

This excellent little sonic barrage has become a customer favourite, and for good reason! It has some unique and hilarious sound effects that zip, dart, and whistle in all directions with red, green, yellow, and blue stars. With an excellent fanned finale of large coloured comet tails, this is perhaps the best small firework we have seen in a long time. Check the firework video now and turn the sound right up!

RRP: £29.99
Epic Price: £14.94
Buy Humming Hornets today


Moving Target 105 shot

No. of Shots: 105 
Approx Firework Duration: 22 Sec
Noise Rating: 3/10

“This firework is so beautiful that I buy it every year and will continue to do so for as long as I can. It's beautiful effects never get old and it will always be a masterpiece in my eyes.” - Craig

Still one of the epic team's favourites. Moving Target is a stunning 105 shot fanned cake. Firing 7 shots at a time, Moving Target sweeps across the sky with assorted multi-level effects including red, green, and crackling tipped comet tails with bright blue stars and glittering comet tails that shimmer back and forth. A professional looking firework that is modest in size but astounding to watch.

RRP: £39.99
Epic Price: £19.98
Buy Moving Target 105 Shot today


Gold Willow 50 SHOT

No. of Shots: 50 
Approx Firework Duration: 40 Sec
Noise Rating: 8/10 

“Brilliant! This is a stunning effect that would complement any display, the sky fills with large bursts of slow falling gold willow and just as they begin to fade their replaced once again, not a long-lasting barrage but it really fills the sky and is strong from start to finish. a great recommendation thanks graham!” – Peter

The awesome Gold Willow fan barrage by Epic Fireworks is a perfect example of how Gold Willows should look.

Gold Willow throws out 5 massive shots at a time to completely fill the sky with slow-falling golden stars.

This is a specialist effect barrage that is so beautiful that anyone can enjoy it and use it for any display, 50 massive shots over 40 seconds of absolute class.

RRP: £179.99
Epic Price: £79.98
Buy Gold Willow 50 Shot today


Brocade bonanza 50 SHOT

No. of Shots: 50 
Approx Firework Duration: 40 Sec
Noise Rating: 9/10 

The beautiful 1.3G Brocade Bonanza is a roaming fan cake that saturates the sky with a lingering brocade effect and vivid blue stars.

The timing is impeccable and creates a non-stop shower of silver glitter over your display.

This specialist effect firework is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, and is so versatile you can use it for any display, providing 50 huge fan breaks over 40 seconds.

RRP: £159.99
Epic Price: £79.98
Buy Brocade Bonanza 50 Shot today



No. of Shots: 30      
Approx Firework Duration: 45 Sec
Noise Rating: 8/10 

“170 shots of mid-loud effects - great colour, fabulous timings and we enjoyed this one thoroughly.” - Michaela

NRG Crackling corkscrew-tailed comets glide up into the sky before exploding into huge peony breaks and multi-coloured wave bursts before the final bank of shots is fired in quick succession and completely fills the sky.

A great mid display piece that would grace any celebration.

RRP: £79.99
Epic Price: £39.96
Buy NRG 30 Shot today



Rapid 300 SHOT

No. of Shots: 300   
Approx Firework Duration: 20 Sec
Noise Rating: 5/10 

A monster 300 shot single ignition fan cake by Epic Fireworks.

An awesome Z firing fan cake effect with rapid-paced tracer comets and coloured bursts zigzagging left and right across the night sky.

It's a brilliant piece that again can be fired as singles or as a multiple for full-on sky filling effects.

RRP: £199.99
Epic Price: £89.94
Buy Rapid 300 Shot today



No. of Shots: 258 
Approx Firework Duration: 100 Sec
Noise Rating: 7/10 

Gelato Forty Fire, 258 shots is a 'one light' firework by Hallmark Fireworks. With a duration of over 100 seconds, this compound cake cycles through different loud aerial effects with both straight and fanned shots for maximum sky coverage.

Being a 1.4g barrage, it’s quieter than it’s 1.3g counterparts. But what it lacks in noise, it easily makes up for with its diverse range of effects, and sheer longevity. A real family-friendly crowd pleaser.

RRP: £249.99
Epic Price: £199.98
Buy Gelato Forty Fire 258 Shot today



No. of Shots: 210 
Approx Firework Duration: 180 Sec
Noise Rating: 8/10 

If it’s long-lasting compound cakes you’re after, then you’re in for a treat with the Pyro Pro from Brothers Pyrotechnics.

This display cake is packed full of beautiful colours and massive aerial effects. Glittering comets burst into huge multi-coloured peonies and thick palms coupled with huge crackling chrysanthemums. And what’s more, it last’s an incredible 3 whole minutes!

RRP: £399.99
Epic Price: £299.94
Buy Pyro Pro 210 Shot today 



No. of Shots: 84 
Approx Firework Duration: 90 Sec
Noise Rating: 5/10 

Not your typical barrage, the Pro Slices by Vivid Pyrotechnics is a full carton of 12 single-shot fan barrages, each packing a different effect.

These great single-hit slices are ideal for more professional-looking displays for adding hits of vibrant colour and effects whenever you need them.

They are all 7 tubed fanned pieces and will definitely fill the sky and most without loud bangs, which are ideal for low-noise displays or for a quiet build-up to a crescendo. 

RRP: £179.99
Epic Price: £119.88
Buy Pro Slices today 


Fireworks Show 536 SHOT

No. of Shots: 536 
Approx Firework Duration: 240 Sec
Noise Rating: 9/10 

Like all good firework displays, we’re ending things with a special finale – The Fireworks Show 536 by Klasek Fireworks.

The Fireworks Show is one of the biggest compound firework cakes in the UK, and if you want a firework that has a near-perfect mix of colour, pace, and noise then you are in the right place.

This monster of a firework lasting four whole minutes produces a truly memorable mixture of effects including multi-coloured starbursts, Blue and red-tipped golden palms, Pistils and pearls while also producing some beautiful crackling golden comet tails, all while throwing up some moments of madness with loud screaming whistles and titanium salutes.

This immense display in a box will not only amaze your guests but will also be the envy of your neighbours too.

RRP: £699.99
Epic Price: £499.98
Buy Fireworks Show 536 Shot today



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