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Top Pyro Picks: Explore our Best-Selling Fireworks of 2023

Top Pyro Picks: Explore our Best-Selling Fireworks of 2023

Fireworks season is just around the corner, and if you're planning a display this year you're in the right place as we have the largest range of fireworks available in the UK.

But with all that choice it can be hard to know what to add to add to your basket. 

To help, we've collated our ten best-selling and most in-demand fireworks to make sure your event goes off with a bang.

Sky Hunters

Highly regarded as the "pound for pound" king of rockets.

You get five large and LOUD, 1.3G rockets io a pack, with each one delivering sensational and colourful effects including, brocade to red starburst, brocade to blue stars and white glitter, brocade crown with red glittering stars, brocade crown with blue stars and a huge single effect of brocade crown.

RRP £49.99
Epic Price £29.94
Buy Sky Hunter Rockets today

Sky Thriller rocket

Sky Thrillers

With 100% 5-star reviews you don't have to take our word for how good this rocket is.

The Sky Thriller rocket is designed to thrill audiences and that’s exactly what it does time and time again.

A massive boom precedes an astonishing single burst of giant glittering golden willow and a seemingly unending descent of beautiful slow falling twinkling stars that hang in the sky for ages.

This is an exceptional piece of pyrotechnic artwork and the Sky Thriller rocket is the perfect way to close any show.

RRP £39.99
Epic Price £19.98
See the Sky Thriller in action and buy today


Heavy Duty 64 Shot

"Heavy Duty just delivers every time. The effects that come out of this firework never disappoint, its such a little powerhouse with good duration too. You would think the firework was twice the size with what it throws out." - Jack

The Heavy Duty single ignition barrage is incredible value for money. It delivers plenty of sound and vision with it's 64 shots over an outstanding 70 seconds on average.

Glittering gold comet tails, red strobes, chirping whistles, spiraling silver peonies, crackling, fizzing spinners. Two-stage whistles, glittering golden tails, bright lime green peonies, all leading into a loud multi-shot finale of whirring whistles and bursts of crackling.

A superb all-around display and the perfect addition to any firework display.

RRP £69.99
Epic Price £34.98
Buy Heavy Duty 64-shot today

King Cobra Barrage firework

King Cobra 25 Shot

This is one seriously powerful 1.3G single-ignition firework.

It fires 25 fast and furious shots of snaking gold tails that lead to very large and venomously loud bursts of golden brocade, mixed coloured peonies, and glitter that leaves the sky filled throughout its impressive duration.

This excellent firework is superb value for money and its stunning performance makes it well suited for any style of display. 

RRP £29.99
Epic Price £14.94
See the King Cobra in action and buy today



With 21 rockets at this price, you may be thinking the effects won't be any good, but you'd be wrong!

This great value pack delivers a great range of colours and effects including red, green and blue peony with crackling, stunning red, silver and gold waves, crackling with silver fish and glitter or crackling bursts with highly desirable falling leaves that slowly descend with incredible hang time. 

RRP £59.99
Epic Price £29.94
Buy Mega today

Soaring Tiger rocket pack

Soaring Tiger

This pack of three HUGE, 1.3g rockets pack a real punch.

With a noise rating of 9/10 you'll add some real impact to your displays as well as some great aerial effects including flower crown, red glitter wille and white glitter pistill, and a brocade crown with white glitter effect.

RRP £49.99
Epic Price £39.96
See the Soaring Tigers in action and buy today



"When was the last time you heard someone scream with surprise during a fountain? This little gem has a trio of decent height mine lifts to complement the impressive run time of the fountain. Perfect for the back garden display, it performs brilliantly for its price." - David

The superb Fantasia fountain is our favourite fountain. It's fantastic value for money and is perfect for small spaces and back gardens, producing multi-coloured effects, including multi-level mine effects, blue stars, and crackling flowers.

RRP £11.99
Epic Price £5.94
Buy Fantastia today

Conspiracy DIY Firework Pack


Our most-popular DIY firework pack, Conspiracy includes everything you need for a crowd-pleased Bonfire Night display including top-class 1.3G rockets and barrages.

Like with all of our expertly-curated, ready-made firework packs, it comes with portfires, safety goggles and a firing guide so you can put on an EPIC display with minimal fuss.

RRP £844.82
Epic Price £324
Buy Conspiracy today



"This fountain is "epic" value for money and lasts longer then the higher priced items. So good I returned to the shop and stocked up!" - Anthony

Another great value fountain that's perfect for small spaces and gardens. It delivers a great range of effects including chrysanthemum, crackles, bubbling lava, and strobe effects.

RRP £11.99
Epic Price £5.94
Buy Halo today

 Humming Hornets Firework Barrage

Humming Hornets 28 Shot

An awesome little sonic barrage and a family favourite thanks to its unique sound effects and fun visual effects. It's not often you hear people say that a firework is hilarious, but this one definitely ticks that box and is guaranteed to add some fun and laughter to your display.

RRP £29.99
Epic Price £14.94
See Humming Hornets in action (sound up) and buy today

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