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Top Pyro Picks: Explore 2023's Best Selling Rockets

Top Pyro Picks: Explore 2023's Best Selling Rockets

Who doesn't love a rocket?!

They're the perfect addition to any firework display, adding amazing effects and awesome noise.

Seriously, no firework display is complete without them and here at Epic Fireworks, we stock the most powerful rockets you can buy in the UK.

Explore the ten best-selling rockets of 2023 and make sure you add them to your Bonfire Night, Diwali and New Years celebrations.

Sky Hunters

Known as the undisputed "champion of rockets" in terms of power-to-performance ratio, this pack offers five impressive 1.3G rockets.

Each one boasts an awe-inspiring display of vibrant effects, ranging from brocade to red starburst, brocade to blue stars with white glitter, brocade crown featuring red glittering stars, and brocade crown accompanied by blue stars.

Perfect for a grand finale!

RRP £49.99
Epic Price £29.94
Buy the Sky Hunter rockets today

Sky Thriller rocket

Sky Thrillers

The Sky Thriller rocket lives up to its name, and with nothing but 5-star reviews it's a firm customer favourite.

Kicking off with a thunderous boom, it's perfect for setting the stage for an awesome display or adding incredible impact to your finale.

Delivering a spectacular burst of enormous, glittering golden willow stars, accompanied by an almost endless cascade of twinkling stars that gracefully descend and linger in the night sky, this rocket is a masterpiece.

RRP £39.99
Epic Price £19.98 
See the Sky Thriller rocket in action and buy today



At such a great price for 21 rockets you might think you'll be compromising of quality and effects, but you'd be mistaken!

This value-packed set of rockets offers a great range of vivid colours and captivating effects. Enjoy the brilliance of red, green, and blue peonies, as well as mesmerising displays of red, silver, and gold waves. You'll also be treated to crackling effects combined with silver fish and glitter, plus bursts of crackling with the crowd-pleasing falling leaves effect with an incredible hang time that will leave you wanting more.

RRP £59.99
Epic Price £29.94
Buy the Mega rocket pack today

Soaring Tiger rocket pack

Soaring Tiger

This pack of three HUGE, 1.3g rockets pack a real punch.

With a noise rating of 9/10 you'll add some real impact to your displays as well as some great aerial effects including flower crown, red glitter wille and white glitter pistill, and a brocade crown with white glitter effect.

RRP £49.99
Epic Price £39.96
See the Soaring Tigers rockets in action and buy today


Star Dust

"I had several of these big epic brand rockets and wow they do not disappoint with each rocket having an absolutely massive sky filling effect for a truly professional look to your display" - Tony

This is one of our biggest 1.3G rockets and delivers a MASSIVE spherical burst with a blue pistil (middle). The result is a MASSIVE outstretching effect which glitters with gold and silver in the night sky.

RRP £39.99
Epic Price £19.98
Buy the Star Dust rocket today

Professional rocket box 6

Professional Rocket Box 6

Ok, technically not a rocket, but lots of rockets, this is our best selling professional rocket box. Packed with 48 high-quality, 1.3G rockets it's the perfect addition to any firework display, delivering a huge range of beautiful colours and effects all at a very affordable price.

RRP £369.99
Epic Price £159.96
Buy the Professional Rocket Box 6 today

Thunder Blast

These five smaller ball-headed rockets pack a lot more power than you'd expect for their size.

Each rocket delivers a good bang alongwith effects including a cloud of crackling, yellow peony with white glitter, green dahlia with crackling, red and gold peony, and red with white glitter.

RRP £19.99
Epic Price £9.96
Buy the Thunder Blast rocket today

Solar Flare 1.3g rocket

Solar Flare

Described as a 'time rain willow with green-blue dahlia' effect but what does that mean? In the non-pyro world, it's a HUGE silver spherical burst with a green middle which fizzes and flitters gold and silver as it expands.

Put simply - it's spectacular!

RRP £19.99
Epic Price £9.96
See the Solar Flare rocket in action and buy today


The King

"The ONLY way to finish of your display, normaly rockets workout expensive for the duration of the effect but the king has an amazing hang time and a stunning falling golden glittering effect which everyone loves. If you buy nothing else, get at least one of these." - Matthew

Called The King for a reason, this awesome rocket bursts and fills the sky with a huge gold willow effect with a stunning canopy of brilliant hanging golden stars that hang in the air with majesty and elegance. 

RRP £39.99
Epic Price £19.98
Buy The King rocket today

Brocade Crown 1.3g rocket

Brocade Crown

This cracker of a rocket breaks on reaching the sky into a huge red peony which starts to change to silver tails majestically expanding until they eventually fade to glitter.

In the words of one of our favourite customers, this rocket is "FAB-U-LOUS."

RRP £39.99
Epic Price £19.98
See the Brocade Crown rocket in action and buy today

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