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Top Pyro Picks: Explore 2023's Best-Selling Barrages

Top Pyro Picks: Explore 2023's Best-Selling Barrages

Barrages. Light it, stand back and let it do it's thing.

Seriously, you'd be hard pressed to find another type of firework that delivers such a big impact with so little effort, Which means it's no surprise that barrages are by far and away the most popular form of firework today.

We stock the biggest range of single ignition barrages in the UK, plus we have the most powerful ones you can buy without a professional licence.

Explore the ten best-selling barrages of 2023 and make sure you add them to your Bonfire Night, Diwali and New Years celebrations.

Heavy Duty 64-Shot

The Heavy Duty single ignition barrage is incredible value for money. It delivers plenty of sound and vision with it's 64 shots over an outstanding 70 seconds on average.

Glittering gold comet tails, red strobes, chirping whistles, spiraling silver peonies, crackling, fizzing spinners. Two-stage whistles, glittering golden tails, bright lime green peonies, all leading into a loud multi-shot finale of whirring whistles and bursts of crackling.

A superb all-around display with a great mix of effects and noise, making it the perfect addition to any firework display.

RRP £69.99
Epic Price £34.98

Buy Heavy Duty 64-Shot barrage today


King Cobra barrage

King Cobra

This is one seriously powerful 1.3G single-ignition firework.

It fires 25 fast and furious shots of snaking gold tails that lead to very large and venomously loud bursts of golden brocade, mixed coloured peonies, and glitter that leaves the sky filled throughout its impressive duration.

This excellent firework is superb value for money and its stunning performance makes it well suited for any style of display. 

RRP £29.99
Epic Price £14.94 

See the King Cobra barrage in action and buy today 


Humming Hornets

"When you can buy such a refreshing and distinctive firework for so little money you would be mad not to try one of these at least once. This is another piece I buy time and time again and in terms of value it can't be beaten. There are very few fireworks with hummer sound effects and this one is a gem." - Craig

An awesome little sonic barrage and a family favourite thanks to its unique sound effects and fun visual effects.

It's not often you hear people say that a firework is hilarious, but this one definitely ticks that box and is guaranteed to add some fun and laughter to your display.

RRP £29.99
Epic Price £14.94

Buy Humming Hornets barrage today


Moving Target barrage

Moving Target 105 Shot

Firing 7 shots at a time, Moving Target fills the sky with a huge range of multi-level effects including red, green, and crackling tipped comet tails with bright blue stars and glittering comet tails that shimmer back and forth.

A modest sized firework but one that delivers a professional and impressive display. Definitely one to add to your next event.

RRP £39.99
Epic Price £19.98

See the Moving Target 105 Shot barrage in action and buy today


Shrill Witch

"I absolutely loved this, fired 2 with an Angry Tigers in the middle for my sons Scout bonfire night display, I love the humming screeching noise it makes as the shots go up, kids absolutely love it as do the adults." - Dan

Sonic spinners are at the heart of this fantastic firework. Glittering sonic spinners break to red, gold, green, and blue peonies in this single effect multi-coloured single ignition firewoerk.

This excellent firework is superb value for money and its majestic performance makes Shrill Witch well suited for any display.

RRP £29.99
Epic Price £14.94  

Buy the Shrill Witch barrage today


Laser Duel barrage

Laser Duel 36-Shot

"Lovely little piece, with decent colour. The red pearl ending is really nice for a cake of this size. I've bought and fired all 4 laser cakes, and have been impressed with every on of them. In fact I "test fired" one before Bonfire Night, and was so surprised by how good it was for the price, I fired them all to see if they were all of the same standard! I then went straight back to Epic to restock!" - David

You know the saying, the best things come in small packages, well... this barrage definitely ticks that box.

Starting with super bright pink stars with luscious comet tails you then get golden crackling comets which fill the sky. From there, green star comets create huge columns of light before sonic spinners twist and turn to impressive heights and provide an unusual sound effect. All this is followed by a rapid-firing inbuilt finale which catapults two banks of 6 red tipped comets with delayed crackle.

It's incredible to see so many firework effects all come out of a barrage of this size.

RRP £11.99
Epic Price £5.94  

See the Laser Duel 36-Shot barrage in action and buy today


Dr Thrust 25-Shot

Kicking off with whirring shots that burst into a mesmerizing display of blue stars accompanied by silver strobes, swiftly followed by vibrant blue and red humming mines that shoot into the sky in rapid succession.

Next up, red comets explode into a shower of brilliant red stars, with a crackling crescendo. Then, the night sky is lit up by colossal silver UFOs, fizzing and sparkling in all their glory.

And to finish off, thick green tails take centre stage, turning into a captivating display of green strobes and crackling effects. The pace is unrelenting, and the duration is nothing short of impressive, making this extraordinary firework exceptional value for your money. 

RRP £29.99
Epic Price £14.94

Buy the Dr Thrust 25-Shot Barrage today


Laser Cannon barrage

Laser Cannon 36-Shot

"These little cakes are great fun. My kids love them as much as I do! Ideal if you have a small back garden." - James

You simply won't believe what this tiny barrage is capable of!

Laser Cannon delivers 36 shots of mixed effects and begins by catapulting spinning multi-coloured comets high into the night sky and upon glittering tails. This tranquil sequence is broken by whistling serpents snaking upwards with a sound that will amuse the whole crowd.

This little firework seems never-ending cake until it emits a rapid-firing inbuilt finale, launching two banks of 6 multicoloured comets with whistling and delayed crackle.

This is a great firework to add to the middle of your display sequence.

RRP £11.99
Epic Price £5.94

See the Laser Cannon 36-Shot barrage in action and buy today

Laser Fire 36-Shot

This may be small, but it is mighty!

Straight from the off, it immediately fires simultaneous shots at a lively and frantic pace, filling the sky with light and colour. Multicoloured comets rise with glittering tails whilst spinners also fire to give sonic sound effects which fill the night.

Adults and little ones alike will love its swirling, whistling comets followed by falling leaves which flutter to the down through the sky. Laser Fire then ends with a salvo of glittering comets and dragon egg crackles.

It's truly amazing what this little cake is capable of.

RRP £19.99
Epic Price £5.94

Buy Laser Fire barrage today

Silver Spirals Barrage

Silver Spirals 16-Shot

"Incredibly bright, nice effect and adds something different to the display, most of the spinners look circular and make only a low noise which is suitable for very small children. well worth the money." - Andrew

This great, low-noise barrage is a really unique firework. It launches red comets upon glittering gold tails and these 16 shots burst to extremely vibrant silver tourbillon spinners.

This fantastic barrage adds loads of variety to your display and its low-noise means it's perfect to add to your garden display as it will keep your neighbours happy.

RRP £19.99
Epic Price £9.96

See the Silver Spirals barrage in action and buy today

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