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If you are concerned about loud bangs and prefer quieter fireworks, then check out our top five low noise picks!

5. Silver Spirals - Good things come in small packages, a very true saying in this instance. Do not be fooled by the size of this firework as it's performance for a low noise firework is fantastic. It shoots out red comet tails that towards their peak transform into a whirlwind of spinning white sparks. At under £10 this is a real bargain.

4. Six Foot Sparkle Wheel - This is a great low noise Catherine Wheel with great effects and duration. In particular is has several different phases and a really exquisite phase of flowing cascades of copper and white which light up the area in a majestic manner. At over a minute duration and a six foot projection this really is a wheel that stands out from the crowd.

3. Spectrum Fountain - Ladies and gentlemen it's 'Glowtime!' This is the only fountain on the list and for good reason. It's truly low noise with no hint of crackle, commonplace in retail fountains nowadays.

This is a real crowd pleaser with adults and children alike as it's ultra vibrant neon 'Jelly Bean' effect ejects blues, yellows and reds which cascade out in large blobs of colour which rest on the ground.

A top tip would be to try and elevate the fountain as high as possible to really get the most out of the the effect. Check the video out to see this stunning effect in action.

2. Crossette Effect - Crossettes as you may have guessed break from a single ball of light into a cross formation of four balls of light and can have comet tails or be tailless (Pearl Effect). What's great about this particular firework is that it contains both types in one firework.

It contains red and green pearl Crossettes followed by exquisite white comet tailed Crossettes. A lovely edition to both a regular or low noise display.

1. Rapid Barrage - This is by far the most outstanding low noise firework in the range. Rapid lives up to its name is is discharges it's whopping 300 shots in under 30 seconds!

This is a fan effect cake so you will need plenty of room to fire it. Row after row of colour and fizzing effervescent comets shoot up in a Z pattern in a frenzied attack on the night sky.

It's a real showstopper with professional effects seldom found in the retail market. Check out the video and you'll see why!

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