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At Epic Fireworks, we regularly get asked to recommend products for daylight use. Without a dark sky for contrast, certain fireworks are less suitable than others, however here we list our top 5 recommendations which are either easily seen or clearly heard!

Ice Fountain - Noise Rating 1/10 - 60 Seconds each - Cost £2.99 (Pack of 4)

Ice Fountains are often used during daylight, and are fantastic for all kinds of celebration. As the fireworks emit a cool jet of glittering sparks, the fountains are safe for indoor use, and are often seen attached to bottles of bubbly or upon a large cake. These demand a minimal 1 metre safety distance and will add sparkle to any occasion.

Fire Snake 100 Shot - Noise Rating 7/10 - 20 Seconds - Cost £4.98

Our Fire Snake Saturn missile batteries are superb noise makers and fire 100 whistling tails at a frantic pace. The loud barrage is ideal for grabbing the attention of guests and at less than £5 can be bought and fired in multiples whilst still offering unbeatable value. That said, why not take advantage of our current 'full carton' offer where you can purchase 30 cakes for just £100! As well as whistling the wriggling comets pop and crackle giving lots of audible impact.

Dum Bum 49 Shot - Noise Rating 10/10 - 35 Seconds - Cost £59.99

If you want to make some real noise, then the 49 shot Dum Bum is the ultimate purchase! Silver mines twinkle at ground level before frighteningly loud titanium salutes cannonade above and give an ear-splitting cacophony. No other firework in the UK is louder, and the thunderous booms will be heard far and wide.

Daytime Smoke - Noise Rating 0/10 - 60 Seconds - Cost £5.99

Our extensive range of Trafalgar coloured smoke includes yellow, green, purple and black, whilst our line of Trafalgar smoke flares also includes orange, white and pink colours. Smoke products are absolutely ideal for daytime use and billow thick columns of vibrant cloud which look tremendous in both the flesh and photographs.

Smoke Bombs - Noise Rating 0/10 - 90 Seconds - Cost £7.99

Our Black Cat smoke grenades last a staggering 90 seconds in duration and give extremely rich yellow, green, purple or red colours. Specifically designed for daytime use, thick fog will create a fun and dynamic backdrop and lingering clouds will captivate your imagination before they eventually fade or drift away. Fired in creative colour combinations, these can create a truly magical sight.

Black Cat Fireworks Smoke Grenades

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