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In this countdown, we look at our top 5 blue barrages. Perfect for revealing the gender of a baby boy, or recognising a sporting win with colours that match those of your favourite team, these fireworks produce blue stars and are all single-effect items. When mixed with white, and red fireworks these could be incorporated into a stunning display that commemorates a Jubilee, Coronation or even Independence Day!

Touch Down - Noise Rating 5/10 - 19 Seconds - Cost £9.96

Touch Down is a great 25 shot firework from Black Cat, and ejects cobalt blue peonies and a gentle crackling effect. At less than £10 the firework offers superb value, and will afford you the opportunity to fire multiples for even greater impact.

Blue Lights - Noise Rating 8/10 - 36 Seconds - Cost £14.94

In fourth place is our very own 25 shot Blue Lights barrage. Blue Lights will fill the sky with beautiful sapphire coloured peony bursts and with each break countless brightly coloured stars illuminate to wash the sky a beautiful shade of ultramarine.

Surprise - Noise Rating 7/10 - 30 Seconds - Cost £39.96

Surprise is very similar to Blue Lights, only it gives double the number of shots in less time. Firing 50 shots in just 30 seconds, the sky is crowded in a mass of blue peonies and overlapping bursts spread navy coloured stars far and wide. Adding to the impact of this firework, complimentary mine lifts thrust additional blue stars upward to create visual effects at two different heights. For its finale, multiple shots fire simultaneously to ensure that the performance really ends on a high.

Baby Boom Boy - Noise Rating 8/10 - 30 Seconds - Cost £39.96

Baby Boom, (in blue), is a punchy 25 shot cake from Primed Pyrotechnics and unlike the 3 barrages before it, (which near 20mm in tube size), this firework boasts a larger 25mm bore. As a direct result of its larger tubes, burst sizes are mammoth and mighty, and with each shot chunky blue starred mine lifts tower skywards whilst royal blue spherical breaks paint the sky above.

Brocade Bonanza - Noise Rating 9/10 - 40 Seconds - Cost £79.98

The only fan-firing cake on our list, Brocade Bonanza steals top spot as its wide firing effects simply have the greatest impact! Gigantic bursts fill the sky with long lingering brocades, and the firework fires brocades five wide in a z-firing pattern. Accompanying the colossal bursts are the richest Egyptian blue stars along with brocade mines underneath. This firework is undeniably blue, and would announce the gender of a baby boy with huge style.

At Epic Fireworks, we have a dedicated product page for Gender Reveal fireworks, and other specifically blue fireworks can also be found here.
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