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At Epic Fireworks, we only sell individual rockets and rocket packs which are classified as 1.3G. Typically, 1.3G effect rockets always outshine the much weaker 1.4G variety and the inclusion of vast amounts of flash powder will guarantee large burst sizes, spherical breaks, vivid colour and good volume. In short, our extensive selection of 1.3G rockets are far superior to the 1.4G variety, often found in supermarkets, and will outclass these feeble alternatives with utter ease.

Here we list our top 5 bestselling rockets and all offer a potent, and spectacular, performance.

Sundown Rocket Pack - Noise Rating 9/10 - Cost £34.98 (Pack of 3) Our Sundown rocket pack from Black Cat fireworks is heavy on flash powder, and each large rocket houses an impressive net explosive content of 136 grams. The assortment includes a brocade, strobe and willow effect and by offering both huge burst sizes and superb value the product continues to be amongst our most favoured rocket packs.

Thunder Blast Rocket Pack - Noise Rating 8/10 - Cost £7.94 (Pack of 5) The Thunder Blast rockets from Paramount Fireworks are relatively small in size however their ball-shaped heads ensure that their performance is nothing short of mighty. Each of the 5 fireworks give a different effect to include yellow peony and white glitter, crackling dragon eggs, red peony to white strobe, green dahlia to delayed crackle clusters and red and gold peony. These rockets have excellent spherical bursts, break with a good bang and at less than £8 per packet are extremely hard to beat.

Epic Fireworks - A Bunch Of Rockets

Bazooka Bomb Rocket Pack - Noise Rating 7/10 - Cost £4.98 (Pack of 6) Our Bazooka Bomb rocket pack ranks as our third bestselling rocket because quite simply their unbelievable value is unrivalled. For less than £5 you receive 6 fabulous rockets and effects include various coloured peonies with a secondary crackle reaction. Cheaper than much poorer 1.4G offerings found elsewhere, by purchasing these inexpensive 1.3G rockets you simply cannot go wrong. These rockets punch well above their weight and are worth every penny, and then some!

Sky Hunters Rocket Pack - Noise Rating 10/10 - Cost £19.98 (Pack of 5) Hallmark's Sky Hunters are highly regarded as the best hawk type rocket pack available. When fired alongside other hawk-type rockets, these will outperform any competition, and they give both tremendous volume and mammoth burst sizes. Effects include a broad range of various brocade bursts to include both silver and gold with accompanying after-effects consisting of red glitter, blue stars, ruby tips or white strobe. Pound for pound these rockets reign supreme and if you want to secure the best bang per buck then these provide just that.

Sky Thriller Single Rocket - Noise Rating 8/10 - Cost £14.95 Our very own Sky Thriller rocket is the only individual firework on this countdown yet in terms of popularity steals first spot. Offering a much sought-after golden willow, the firework sells itself and the hugely loved, traditional effect is executed in superb style. An enormous willow absolutely crowds the night, whilst hanging incredibly well, and the timeless aesthetic offers copious amounts of both impact and elegance.


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David Kasparian - July 15, 2021

Are these five Rockets available in the US? and can they be shipped to the US?

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