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As we are all aware, dependant on whereabouts you are in the UK and of course which tier your area falls into, will dictate your plans to celebrate the Bonfire Night season.

With the major displays cancelled and rearranged for next year, many have decided to host their own celebrations at home this Bonfire night.

As well as providing different types of fireworks for any occasion here at Epic fireworks, we also thought that we would put together a little list of some sizzling songs that are perfect to accompany any bonfire night party.

1. Firework – Katy Perry – Released 2010

2. Rocket Man – Elton John – Released 1972

3. Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis – Released 1961

4. Just Watch The Fireworks – Jimmy Eat World - Released 1999

5. Burn – Ellie Golding – Released 2013

6. Catherine Wheels – Crowded House – Released 1993

7. Rockets – Ella Henderson – Released 2004

8. Relight My Fire – Take That ft. Lulu – Released 1993

9. A sky Full of Stars – Coldplay – Released 2014

10. Sparklers – Gemini Club – Released 2012

If you feel a bit daring, why not try to create your very own 'pyro-musical' by timing your favourite songs or music tracks to coincide with your firework display. 😊

Please be safe when using fireworks and please view the short video below :x)

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