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Up and down the UK, families are busy getting creative making costumes, scooping out pumpkins and carving spooky faces, getting out the decorations to make the perfect haunted house and some even thinking about fireworks.

As we are all aware Halloween this year will be completely different with the current pandemic but let us make our love for Halloween stronger and make Halloween 2020 one to remember.

Here at Epic Fireworks, we have a range of fireworks perfect for any Halloween celebration whether you need a display for the back garden or for a larger scale event. Here are our top 10 picks of Halloween themed fireworks.

  1. Pumpkin Fountain – Noise Rating 2/10 – Distance 8 Metres – Classification 1.4G

This is a beautiful small pumpkin shaped fountain, with low noise and is a firm family favourite. Lasting 90 seconds with multicoloured effects and crackles and a spooky finale of 'flashing eyes', makes this fountain perfect to brighten up any Halloween party. 

  1. Vampire Fountain – Noise Rating 2/10 – Distance 8 Metres – Classification 1.4G

This superb fountain last 65 seconds and has a brilliant array of fountain effects including spider crackles, strobes, chrysanthemum, and spooktacular whistles, Perfect for the kiddies at the Halloween party.  

Vampire Fountain by Standard Fireworks

  1. Sorcery – Noise Rating 4/10 – Distance 8 Metres – Classification 1.4G

What kind of Sorcery is this … well it’s a 12 shot mine cake from Standard Fireworks. Opening with a crackle mine, a burst of green, with purple and silver stars to follow building to a finale of golden palms. Add a bit of magic to your Halloween display.  

  1. Werewolf – Noise Rating 8/10 – Distance 25 Metres – Classification 1.3G

Containing 16 shots of large multi-coloured peonies with strobing stars, ending in a multi-shot finale and a large crackle cloud. Do not worry about letting this Werewolf loose into the night, you will be over the moon with its performance!!!


  1. Goblins Gold – Noise Rating 8/10 – Distance 25 Metres – Classification 1.3G

19 shots of flashing multi coloured comets, bursting into massive brocades of sparkling pink, blue and silver glitter. The finale is four shots of stars filling the sky with a kaleidoscope of colours. Fire on their own or for even more mischievous sky filling effects fire these in multiples.  

  1. Shrill Witch – Noise Rating 8/10 – Distance 25 Metres – Classification 1.3G

Sonic spinners are at the heart of this 25-shot cake. Glittering sonic spinners break to red, gold, green, and blue peonies in this single effect multicoloured single ignition barrage that once lit will make you shrill with delight.  


  1. Howling Wolves – Noise Rating 9/10 – Distance 25 Metres – Classification 1.3G

This stunning firework delivers 30 shots of super loud screaming howls ending with palms and crackle effects. We added this firework to our collection in 2018 and by the end of last year it became one of our biggest selling fireworks. Become the “leader of the pack” and add one to your basket today.  

  1. Banshee – Noise Rating 8/10 – Distance 25 Metres – Classification 1.3G

This barrage has 52 shots of multicoloured strobing stars with golden palm arms that radiate out to productive multi-coloured stars of blue, red, gold crackling cloud and silver tailed comets and peonies with central palm effects. This big brash barrage will leave your neighbours screaming like a banshee in envy.  

  1. Screaming Spiders – Noise Rating 9/10 – Distance 25 Metres – Classification 1.3G

This 100-shot beastie is a two-stage barrage that produces golden tails, willow effects, loud bangs, jet screams, glittering confetti, crackling comets, dragon eggs and strobes. An award-winning barrage that is a firm favourite of both us here at Epic HQ and our customers. 

#epicfireworks Screaming Spiders 100 shot

  1. The Vampire Hunter – Noise Rating 8/10 – Distance 25 Metres – Classification 25 Metres

Provides the audience once lit with over 2 minutes of sky filling effects with a fantastic range of sensational effects including loud crackles, golden palms, silver willows, brocade crown, and a finale if white glittering willows. This compound cake is definitely something that you will want to sink your teeth into. We also recommend you purchase 4 wooden stakes to secure the firework and prevent it from moving or you might be considered a 'Lost Boy' if it falls over!


If you are holding a Halloween event of any size, why not include a few fireworks into the mix. We have plenty more fireworks and packages to suit all budgets. So, come along to our Head Office in Tankersley to have a browse and collect, or if you would rather receive the goodies to your door via our specialist couriers, put in your order online for delivery and we will get them out to you in a couple of days. 


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