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WHAT: Tonegawa Fireworks Festival 2022
WHY: Fireworks event close to Tokyo
WHERE: Riverbanks of Tonegawa River in the town of Sakai
WHEN: Saturday September 17th 2020
COST: Tickets start at 2000 Yen for 1 person, and tickets for multiple people plus VIP seating for a higher cost

The magnificent Tonegawa Fireworks Festival (also known as Tone River Fireworks Festival) is back for the first time in three years!

第34回利根川大花火大会 34th Tone-gawa River Fireworks Festival

It really is wonderful to see shows like this coming back after difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It will be held by the banks of the Tonegawa river, Sakai, with the seating bleachers set up on the riverbank itself. This will provide a stunning view of the show for all spectators.

The show in total will run for around 90 minutes, and around 30,000 firework shots will be used in total! Check out below the amazing fireworks display from 2018.

This show prides itself on putting guests as close to the fireworks as possible, providing a once in a lifetime experience to see the sheer size of the monstrous fireworks they have!

This year, the team organising this festival have arranged for 2 large Shakudama fireworks to be used, these are some of the largest fireworks in the world! Plus, you are not likely to see them anywhere else, due to the production technique being passed down from generation to generation within Japanese families.

第34回利根川大花火大会 34th Tone-gawa River Fireworks Festival

The video below is a similar Shakudama firework being launched in Japan.

Please click here to see the official website, which can be translated by most browsers into English.

On this site, you will be able to see further information on tickets, transport, car parking, and seating options.

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