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Tomahawk Rockets from Marvel Fireworks

TOMAHAWK Rockets in the back of a car

Car boot filled to the brim with beautiful fireworks. Topped off with a couple of packs of Tomahawk Rockets.

TOMAHAWK Rocket Pack by Marvel Fireworks

No. of rockets -------------5

Effect ----------------------- Willow, strobing, peony, pistil, palms

Colour ---------------------- Red, Green, Gold, Purple, Silver

Length ---------------------- 82cm

Classification--------------- 1.3G

The Tomahawk Rocket Pack contains 5 top quality effect rockets and boast such impressive effects as colour changing tips and silver glittering willows. These fantastic rockets are perfect for adding to a finale as they give really good height and massive breaks. At the brilliant price of just £25 for the pack, (thats just £5 per rocket!!) they are a cheap and effective way to give a different dimension to your display.

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