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TNT Fireworks donate to Haiti

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As relief efforts continue following the catastrophic earthquake that hit Haiti, TNT Fireworks today announced the company and its employees have donated more than $30,000 to aid earthquake victims. The TNT Fireworks donation program, which ran through January 25, encouraged employees to make cash donations to reputable organizations providing food, water and supplies in Haiti. TNT Fireworks then matched all employee donations.

“Like many others around the world, TNT Fireworks immediately recognized the importance of corporate donations to assist in the relief effort,” explains Tommy Glasgow, president of TNT Fireworks East. “It is our sincere hope that our contribution, in some small way, will assist those affected by this horrible tragedy.”

“It is imperative that these donations get to Haiti as soon as possible,” explains Glasgow. “Food, water and shelter are critical needs right now, and we want to make sure our donations provide assistance to those actively participating in the relief effort.”

Well done to all the employees at TNT fireworks for helping to make a difference to the people in Haiti. A little bit of help from everyone can really add up to make a massive change to these poor peoples lives. We salute you TNT.

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