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Thunderbirds Go Bang

Thunderbirds Go Bang

As a Kid I used to marvel at the death defying antics of the Thunderbirds of International Rescue, the Stingray team of Troy Tempest, Phones and Marina, Captain Scarlet and The Crew, Not forgetting the Angels and even Fireball X L 5 going back even further in my youth, as they went about their daily business of saving the planet.

Hardly a week went by without some disaster being averted by the marionettes and with a little help from the Mysteron’s we were guaranteed some big explosions and fireworks in almost every episode.

But have you ever wondered how, working with small puppets on small scale models the pyrotechnic effects looked so big and impressive? Well the best person to explain this would by one of my all-time childhood hero’s “Brains” real name Hiram K Hackenbacker. Take it away Brains.

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