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The Who are awesome at Superbowl half time

A circular spaceship of a stage 50 yards wide, flashing and bursting with multicoloured LED lights, lit up a darkened Sun Life Stadium as The Who matched the electricity of Super Bowl XLIV.

Give mad guitarist Pete Townshend and frontman Roger Daltrey all the credit due to a pair of legendary Rock 'N Roll sexagenarians: They put on an electric and visually stunning show. It has to be said, no guitars were harmed in the making of this halftime show.

The flower petals of swirling lights that made up the stage coordinated with an electric flash of lasers that formed a web of coherent light throughout the stadium, just as The Who opened with Pinball Wizard. The sight was so stunning that the fans, who had been instructed during the last few minutes of the second quarter on how to use their cell phones as virtual lighters, forgot to follow their choreographed directions.

Instead, it was a 15-minute display of lights and talent as Townshend wowed the crowd with his still-fine guitar fingering and Daltry wailed into his harmonica.

They moved, as the lasers, from song to song. From Baba O'Riley they slid into Who Are You? and finally the classic Won't Get Fooled Again.

Pyrotechnics punctuated the final note. Daltrey, who had never been to an American football game before Sunday, took a bow, and Townshend spared his guitar from oblivion as the crowd cheered.

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