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The Pyrotechnists Arms - Best Pub Name in England?

The Pyrotechnists Arms - Best Pub Name in England?

Here is a pub sign you won't see every day unless of course, you live in Nunhead Green in London where you would probably pass it every day.

There is a little bit of a background story to this pub name. There is even a legend that Guy Fawkes himself drank there, although this is hard to prove.

The Pyrotechnists Arms was named as it was very close to what is thought to have been the oldest British firework manufacturer, Brocks Fireworks.

Brocks was founded in the early 18th century in Islington by John Brock.

The company moved to south London, to South Norwood and Sutton and developed an association with Crystal Palace, devising spectacular free public displays (popularly known as "Brock's Benefits") and taking on "Crystal Palace" as a brand name.

The 1887 and several subsequent editions of Whitaker's Almanack have advertisements for Brocks, under an earlier name: it provided for the Crystal Palace company, the UK War Office, Government of India, and many other bodies.

Brocks Fireworks was only bought out by Standard Fireworks in 1988, but the name lasted into the 21st century as a brand name for some imported products.

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