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The New Big Ben Has Arrived

The New Big Ben Has Arrived

Epic Fireworks is proud to present the Big Ben Display Pack for 2009/2010.

big ben display pack - epic fireworks

It's official, the Big Ben DIY Display Kit has arrived. Featuring your favourite fireworks plus a few new faces. As always this DIY fireworks pack contains only premium pyro guaranteeing you the best fireworks display for your money.

Loaded with monster rockets like the Atomic Meltdown and the classic Sky Storm, this is an aerial display to feel proud of. Not to mention some of the best fireworks sib (single ignition barrages) available in the UK. Such as the stunning Open Fire or the legendary Wild Horses. This is a display that will blow you away!

All videos of all fireworks are on the site for you to view before you buy. And all fireworks in this pack are 1.3G meaning only the highest quality throughout. Epic Fireworks believe in nothing but the best. Make your bonfire night special this year with the Big Ben diy firework kit.

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