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The National Pyrotechnic Festival Tultepec Mexico 2014

The National Pyrotechnic Festival Tultepec Mexico 2014

WHAT: The 26th National Pyrotechnic Festival 2014
WHERE: Tultepec, Mexico
WHEN: 1st March to 10th March 2014

Each year, visitors flock to the region of Tultepac, Mexico between the 1st and 10th March for the National Pyrotechnic Festival.

This year’s event is the 26th of its kind and is held for St John, patron saint of the Pyrotechnics Guild.

This week-long spectacular includes some weird and wacky events including the Castillo de Torre or Tower Fireworks Competition and a magnificent Musical Fireworks Competition featuring seven of Mexico’s best firework display teams. Unfortunately, the event is not yet open to international competitors, which is a bit of a shame but the week is packed full of fun and fireworks of all types including mechanical, musical and the ‘burning of the bulls’.

Throughout the week, there will be fireworks, rides and attractions including small ‘toy’ fireworks, pyro musical competition and of course a number of other fireworks displays.

One of the main features of this magical occasions the ‘Pamplonas’ which translates as the ‘running of the bulls’ which involves 250-300 bull shaped wagons loaded with thousands of rumble down the cobbled streets and always firing pyro in each and every direction. If you aren’t moving pretty sharply you could end up being hit by the person by trying to dodge the rockets, flares and firecrackers.

Not for the faint-hearted as you could no doubt see from the pictures but a fabulous event nevertheless.

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