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Come Back Guy Fawkes T-Shirt.

Pyrotechnics could be regarded as the self-external combustion of certain materials due to chemical reactions within the material. This would normally result in the production of heat, light, gas, smoke and or sound. There are a handful of such materials but for the purpose of this article, we will concentrate on one device --- the gunpowder.

Ironically, individuals responsible for the handling, safe storage and functioning of these pyrotechnic devices are called pyrotechnicians. Some time referred to as pyro. You may agree with me at this stage that Guy Fawkes is a pyrotechnician. The effect of his activities in this field cannot be overemphasized.

In recent times, many schools of thought have portrayed Guy Fawkes in a sympathetic light and have succeeded in changing public perception of his actions into acceptable fictional character.

He is even referred to as "the only man ever to enter the house of parliament with honest intentions"

Although we may argue that Guy Fawkes and Co., were a pool of unqualified pyrotechnicians, they were able to identify their "display" venue, did the risk assessment, draw up a setup plan and firing sequence just like today’s pyros. Maybe that would have been the first indoor display!!"

In as much as their pyro activities remained a dream, it did change a lot in this field. Movement of 36 barrels of gunpowder today would require ADR licensing. It also calls for more qualified pyros in the handling of such large explosives. In fact, they created a lot of awareness in the firework industry.

The coming together of Guy Fawkes and co., in 1605 also set the pace for today’s pyros forming associations and societies. Thus providing a forum for firework enthusiast.

Just like one said, "Come back Guy Fawkes, you have been forgiven".

I say these men were the greatest pyros we never had.

Guy Fawkes,

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