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The Firework Makers Daughter

The Firework Makers Daughter

There is a lot of talk of late surrounding an Opera called the Firework Makers Daughter. The opera by composer David Bruce is based on the Philip Pulman novel of the same name following a string of successful chamber music performances it has continued to grow in popularity and is said to be an excellent representation of the novel. Very colourful and family friendly it contains 3 big firework displays (all part of some ingenious stage trickery) and it is high energy performance throughout.

The plot surrounds the adventures of Lila, the daughter of a firework maker who aspires, despite being a girl, to be a firework-maker like her father Lalchand.

The story follows the exploits of Lila who not only learns how to create ‘crackle dragons’ and ‘golden sneezes’ but it also follows her on her perilous journey to face the fire fiend.

She sets off on her adventure with her two unlikely accomplices a talking white elephant called Hamlet and his caretaker Chulak.

It is a moralistic tale of self-discovery and personal courage, good fortune and friendship.

The Opera continues at the Royal Opera House until Saturday 13th April then moving onto Walford Palace Theatre May 17th and 18th.

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