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The Biggest Rocket Stockists In South Yorkshire

Epic Fireworks Head Office Sheffield, UK.

We are the biggest stockists of rockets in the South Yorkshire area. We have over 40 different single rockets or rocket packs currently in stock and they range from the humble but powerful low noise bazooka bomb at a very reasonable £2.16 including VAT to the astonishing ‘Sky Thriller’ at £14.95 including VAT.

Let's check out some of the best:

Sky Storm Rocket Pack

A sensational design in rockets and awarded 'Best Opener' by Men's Health magazine. The Sky Storm reaches great heights and delivers excellence with double breaking effects. Crackling chrysanthemums erupt into massive beautifully coloured crossettes and a phenomenal brocade crown breaks with a sky blue peony. These massive rockets are great fired singly or try several at the same time for a stunning sky filling display.

Mega H Rocket Pack

An absolute bargain in a box – The Mega H Bomb pack contains 11 rockets which display mixed aerial effects. Great when all fired together.

Heat Seeker Rocket Pack

The stunning heat seeker rocket pack by Marvel Fireworks is setting new standards for medium-range rockets in the UK. With amazing colours and the most beautiful dahlia effects we have seen, this is definitely set to become one of our most popular rocket packs this year. Look out for the vivid colours of lemon, purple, ruby, emerald and deep sea blue. Best seen when you set them all off together.

All of the above fireworks can be viewed on our website or on youtube either singly or all fired together.

Whatever you want from Wakefield to Wadsley Bridge or Windermere to Whitby we can offer you the best value fireworks in the UK.

We look forward to chatting with you soon.

If you have any questions, please email us via the following address: and one of our excellent staff will be happy to assist you. If you need to discuss anything, please include a daytime contact number and we will call you back.

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