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The Biggest Consumer Display Rocket In The UK

Sky Thriller Rockets

Here in the UK, we are quite lucky with the availability of large and powerful rockets. They are becoming the must-have item in the UK at the moment and frankly, we have arguably the biggest and loudest available - the Sky Thriller Rocket.

Many of you may already be aware that we have a large selection of massive rockets with any number of effects, some of which with a double break but the best of our range at this time is Sky Thriller rocket. This was re-done for us in China and they have done us proud. It is bigger, louder, better and with a bigger willow/falling leaves effect than any other consumer firework – challenging the fabulous King rocket for its place – in the UK.

The old version is still available and is predominantly a silver burst which is still absolutely gorgeous but the new one is much bigger and better.

We have a huge array of rockets to choose from for any occasion from smaller garden rockets to those which are for display purposes and need a great deal more safety distance.

Our range of rocket packs starts from the 1.4g Sonic Bursts rocket pack (6 rockets) at a very reasonable £2.88 all the way to the Sky Storm rocket pack at £29.95 on to the single rockets like the 3 variety of Ball Head Rockets and 18 massive single rockets which range from the Smiley Face rocket to the double breaking Sky Force at £7.45 to the wonderful Stealth Bomber at £14.95. All of these prices are half the RRP and we have huge stocks of most of the range available.

So, if you are looking for rockets, come to see us at Epic fireworks and we are certain to have something to meet your needs.

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