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Epic Fireworks. The Biggest and Best Fireworks In The UK.

Epic Fireworks

Why Choose Epic Fireworks?

In my opinion, this is a no-brainer but I may be a little biased in my attitude to the best fireworks supplier in the UK!!

The real question is why would you use a firework retailer instead of the High Street store who stock them temporarily?

The rationale behind Jimmy’s fireworks is clear. We offer some of the best items on the market at the lowest prices and you will be dealt with by the best trained in Customer Service around. Within the UK industry, it is well known that our brand is a market leader particularly in relation to our barrages and big rocket selection and anyone who has ever visited us or called us on the telephone will concur that the staff here are polite knowledgeable and answer your questions as quickly and efficiently as it is possible.

What is it that a specialist has that the High Street does not? If you go along to your local supermarket, ask anyone of their staff about the effects of a firework that was recently on sale at their establishment and they will not be able to tell you anything about it. On the other end of the scale, the staff here at Jimmy’s know the effects, timings, costs and suitability of all items for sale in the store. We know where the items were made in China, which is the best place to buy each individual type of pyro – rockets, for example, are brought completely separately from the barrages and fountains.

Then onto whether you wish to light a few fireworks in the garden for your child’s birthday party or indeed a semi-professional display with our 1.3g packs, we have the goodies to suit anyone.

We process orders for thousands of pounds all the way to the small selection boxes at a few pounds each with the same attention to detail. We ensure that safety warnings are highlighted to achieve a safe and sensible display.

So, what is stopping you? If you have a birthday coming up soon or indeed wish to purchase one of our Heart Rockets to show someone how much you love them on St Valentine’s day, come along to see us. We operate 7-days a week 362 days a year and would be delighted to see you. Just off junction 36 of the M1, we can help you out.

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