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The BIG Rocket Debate

Rockets appear to have the most ‘forum’ or online discussions than any other object in the Firework industry.

The aficionados of the pyro world remain divided so let’s have a look at the choices in detail.

In this instance, we will first of all check out the 1.3g Rockets.

The King, without question the most talked about rocket in the fireworks industry for the last 4 years. A stunning example of a top spec rocket. On explosion a beautiful brocade of gold stars that hang in the sky for around 20 seconds. It really is a beauty. At £29.95 each, this is one of the most expensive on the market at this time.

Up against it we have Epics fantabulous (yes I know, it’s a made up word) Sky Thriller. It is an astounding single burst displaying a seemingly un-ending descent of giant glittering golden stars falling from a golden willow display in the skies. This must be seen to be believed. At £14.95 each including VAT, it is truly excellent value for money.

Then of course there are the 1.4 range of rockets available. Whilst not as powerful as the 1.3g rockets available, they are a brilliant addition to any garden display.

The Nemesis – At a very reasonable £4.20 pack inc VAT, this 7 rocket pack selection produces fabulous aerial effects including yellow, pink and purple stars, strobes and crackles. This low noise speciality should be let off concurrently for best impact.

Mega H Bomb – This is the loudest of the 1.4g category rocket. Costing £3.96 for 11 rockets they are really excellent value for money. Mixed aerial effects which are best achieved again with a concurrent release.

So whether its family and friends in the back garden with a jacket spud or a full on organised display, we have the right rockets to send you gathering off into the clouds.

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