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The Big Barrages From Epic

Pyro Geoff At Epic Fireworks UK

FOUR weeks to go now! Remember when it was ten weeks ago? That doesn't seem a moment ago - and yet, in that amount of time again, its bonfire night! Life is beautiful this time of year, don't you think? So, with four weeks, lets check out 5 of the best large barrages in the range. You might have read about these before - but lets talk about them again.

THUNDEROUS FINALE - A classic in its own lifetime, this 80 shot beast sends up waves of big, loud , colourful effects. High Quality pyro, a long duration, excellent hang time and overall beastliness make this one that fits in any quality display. In terms of a single fuse and variety and duration, its top notch.

IMPERIAL INVASION - Now, whereas big bold bangs and bursts was the order of the day with thunderous finale, this one gives you some real variety- fast paced small bore comets, massive bore mines in this firework, crazy sonics, nice colourful bursts and some rat-a-tat machine gun type bursts, and a lovely crackle finish - and great duration too.

AWAKEN - Forget long durations, think none stop effects without pause, with colour, whistles bangs and multi-height bursts.

CRESCENDO - Lots of power in a big triangle! Mines, whistles, bursts and crackle. Basically, take the run of good quality 1.3G effects, stick them all together and send the lot up quickly- from one fuse. As good as lighting several fireworks together, and generally, just completely manic.

VENUS SKY TRAP - The good old fashioned fanned barrage - waves of fans send up a varity of effect, each one with a massive presence in the sky. Use this and you may well get asked "Is this a professional one?" Well, no, it's Cat 3!

So, Four weeks to go - what are you waiting for people!!

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