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The Best Fireworks to Celebrate Chinese New Year, The Year of the Dragon

The Best Fireworks to Celebrate Chinese New Year, The Year of the Dragon

Get ready to light up the sky and celebrate Chinese New Year with our guide to the best fireworks for the Year of the Dragon.

From dazzling bursts of colour to crackling displays, we've curated a list that promises to add an extra dose of excitement to your celebrations. Whether you're hosting a grand gathering or enjoying an intimate family get together, these fireworks are sure to bring a great start to the Year of the Dragon.

Let's dive in...

Dragon Fire Fountain

Approx. Duration: 60 Sec
Noise Rating: 4/10

Dragon Fire is a dynamic mixed-effect fountain that packs a punch. It kicks off with a burst of crackling snow pine effects and red fireballs, building up to a powerful spray of silver sparks. The dragon's eyes and nose light up during the fiery display. The climax features both silver and golden plumes, followed by a swarm of crackling chrysanthemums for a straightforward and impressive finale. This novelty fountain is guaranteed fun for all ages!

RRP: £14.99
Epic Price: £9.96
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Swirling Silver Dragons Barrage

No. of Shots: 16
Approx. Firework Duration: 28 Sec
Noise Rating: 2/10
Vertical Firing

This fantastic firework barrage delivers a sleek and professional display from beginning to end. Watch as thick silver tails spiral into the sky, creating a captivating hang time that adds to the visual effect. This firework truly shines when fired in multiples, and for an extra flair, try angling the cakes ever so slightly to achieve a striking 'fan effect'.

RRP: £49.99
Epic Price: £24.96
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Fireworks Show 100 Shot Compound Barrage

No. of Shots: 100 
Approx. Firework Duration: 110 Sec 
Noise Rating: 10/10
Vertical Firing

A heavyweight champion of fireworks – this compound barrage powerhouse unleashes a spectacular display of 100 shots, all soaring vertically with an array of massive effects, including Palms, Strobes, and Dragon Eggs, of course!

Featuring maximum-sized 30mm tubes and boasting over 10 vibrant colours and stunning effects, this show-in-a-box is a real crowd-pleaser.

RRP: £399.99
Epic Price: £199.98
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Wild One 81 Shot Barrage

No. of Shots: 81
Approx. Firework Duration: 37 Sec
Noise Rating: 5/10
Vertical Firing

This awesome piece kicks off with glittering spinners that morph into dragon eggs accompanied by a sonic whistle effect. Following that, you'll witness stunning glittering horsetails transforming into bright horsetails with iridescent white tips. The next round of shots treats you to coloured falling leaves, then back to more spinners and more dragon eggs.

The grand finale wraps it all up with a bang – a volley of shots combining all the effects in a vibrant bouquet of colour and excitement. Safe to say, this display cake is the real deal, delivering a fantastic mix of aerial effects and noise for an all-around superb experience.

RRP: £99.99
Epic Price: £49.98
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Black Hawk Rocket Pack

Rocket Head Diameter: 60mm
Noise Rating: 10/10
Classification: 1.3G

This set of 5 hawk-sized rockets mean business. Packed with a hefty 60 grams of explosive each, these rockets deliver a flash-heavy, unforgettable display.

Once ignited, they shoot up with a powerful whoosh, bursting relatively low to create a stunning array of colours that fill the night sky. Accompanied by a loud initial report, each rocket unleashes exciting visuals, including a twinkling golden brocade, a green jewel-encrusted palm, a bronze willow with swimming tips, a charcoal weeping willow, and a grand finale featuring a large dirty gold willow with crackling time rain dragon eggs.

Offering some of the best bang for your buck, the Black Hawk rocket pack is sure to make your celebration unforgettable!

RRP: £59.99
Epic Price: £19.98
Buy Black Hawk Rocket Pack Today


Dragon Warrior 16 Shot Barrage

No. of Shots: 16
Approx. Firework Duration: 35 Sec
Noise Rating: 8/10
Vertical Firing

Experience the thrill of 16 powerful bursts featuring spiralling silver comet tails and a vibrant mix of effects. Each burst showcases multi-coloured peonies, blue stars, glitter, strobes, and green chrysanthemum bursts. The grand finale delivers a spectacular 4-shot display of golden crackles, making a perfect addition to your celebration.

RRP: £49.99
Epic Price: £24.96
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