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The Bank Holiday Weekend Is Upon Us Again

£2200 Birthday Fireworks Display :)

This Monday sees the penultimate Bank Holiday before Christmas is once again upon us and according to the Met Office, we are due to have a nice day – unusual for Summer in the UK I know but as the saying goes … every little helps.

So, it will be the whole of the UK firing up the barbecue for what could potentially be the last time for the year. As a result, we have been inundated with calls placing orders to ensure that this goes off with a bang.

This Year, we have developed a number of new products, some of which have arrived from China and are already flying off the shelves.

Fireworks and the barbi go together like chips and egg (in Yorkshire, you are likely to get more chips than egg which is why we put them ‘ t’ wrong way round’) and we have some beauties available. With our small selection boxes from as little as £3.24 to multi-effect barrages from just £1.34, call over to see us in Tankersley and we can spice up your Bank Holiday weekend for all the family.

We remain open 7-days a week, 362 days of the year and would be only too happy to see you.

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