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The "Art of Fire" in Dubai

Global Village, a member of Tatweer and the region’s entertainment, shopping, and cultural attraction located in Dubailand is showcasing a unique entertainment show called the ‘Art of Fire’ for its visitors this edition.

Staged by the renowned Russian ‘Theatre of Fire’ group, the show will go on till December 21, with a total of 78 shows on the special stage created by Global Village at the end of the lake.

‘Art of Fire’ is a unique show as it involves fire blowing, fire eating, fire juggling and spectacular pyrotechnics. The performers use fire, music and choreography that create and tell stories, powered by the confluence of intricate technique, choreography, and graceful performers. ‘Art of Fire’ showcases a particular theme named as ‘Kingdom of Fire’ where performers are dressed in elaborate masquerade gowns, masks and costumes. The use of pyrotechnics at the end of the show is definitely a feast for the eyes.

The ‘Theatre of Fire’ was established fifteen years ago, and since then, the group, consisting of trained gymnasts and dancers, has been performing for audiences in Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, China, and Russia.

Visitors to Global Village can witness this spectacular show for free and have a photo opportunity with the talented performers after the show. For six days a week, ‘Art of Fire’ runs three times a night on the special stage near the Global Village Lake. For more information, please log on to or call 04-3624114.

Etisalat is the official partner of the 14th edition of Global Village. Doors open at 4pm in the afternoon until midnight except on Thursdays and Fridays when it is extended until 1am in the morning. Mondays are allotted for families only. Tickets are priced at AED 10 each. For the disabled and kids below three years old, entrance is free.

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