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That's big....

That's big....

Now that's what I call a BIG firework shell!!

This massive 16" shell produced a burst (approximately 720 feet across in diameter) so big that the person shooting it struggles to get the whole of the burst into the picture.

The effect can be described as a beautiful multi-effect burst with an outer halo of vibrant packed golden stars and a central pink pistil.

The event that the image was captured was 'Arthur's Freedom Fireworks'. Arthurs is a Hamish Township in Illinois USA which is home to a population of just 2200 but although only a relatively small town, they attract visitors in their tens of thousands to this magical family-themed event.

Arthur has the usual plethora of parades, baseball games, picnics, and rather enchantingly, a petting zoo enclosure. The day ends with almost 30 minutes of continuous, multiple aerial displays is one of the biggest fireworks displays in the State.

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