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Thanksgiving Fireworks

Thanksgiving fireworks

Here in the UK, we have more than our fair share of celebrations that are shared with the rest of the World but Thanksgiving remains the property of the USA all the way. However, the Thanksgiving Celebrations, unlike the 4th of July are not generally synonymous with fireworks.

However, in Kansas City, Missouri they are really looking forward to the celebrations as the city is home to one of the biggest display companies around, Wald and Co All American Display Fireworks.

Daryl Marmon and Steven Whitt have pieced together a musically choreographed display which will set the sky alight tonight as part of the Plaza Lighting ceremony. The company has been responsible for providing the display for the last 10-years and they have been in business for 89 years.

This year, due to feedback received last year, the location of the display has been changed to allow more people to enjoy the event.

The company fire for corporate events as well as huge community displays like the one this evening. The good news is that the chance of rain is minimal after 6:00pm this evening so everything should go swimmingly (or not – hopefully!!).

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