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Testing. Testing. Testing.

Epic Fireworks - There it Goes

Testing, testing 1,2, boom :)

After enjoying our most successful bumper year here at EPIC, we were left with very little stock as anyone who has been since Bonfire Night will acknowledge!! So, the time has come to leave the UK shores for the freezing cold temperatures of China.

Epic Fireworks Rockets - China Trip 2008 - Product Testing Rockets

We are planning to be out of the country for up to 5-weeks and will be checking out barrages, fountains and rockets to see what we would like this year.

Barrage production in China

There has already been some feedback from the pyro community in relation to what we will be looking for but we always welcome feedback from customers in regards to this as it isn’t really about what we would like. We have sent details over to our manufacturers in China with some of the ideas and we are exploring the possibility of bigger, better and more colourful barrages as well as some new, innovative products.

Drying The Tubes In The Sunlight

Whilst there, we will be testing new combinations, advising of what we do and don’t like and make recommendations for amendments to suit our clientele in the UK.

Barrages drying in the sun

On a typical day, we will rise early, have some breakfast and then go to the manufacturing sites, meet agents and negotiate the best prices for the best discounts and then the early evening, set off to the firing site to see them in action. I would like to say that this is a controlled firing site but, this is not the UK and things are a little different in China where they just pull up in a ‘safe’ area (which is usually just at the side of the road), light the fuse and stand back!!

Firework Workers Making Fireworks

Each of the areas in Hunan province specialises in certain products. This is one of the main reasons all our rockets, barrages and mines are made by the companies we know from 20-years of testing and quality control will be able to supply the goods and ensure compliance with BS safety standards.

Chinese showroom

This will, therefore, be your last chance to let us have your thoughts. One of the recent comments was that we need more red breaks, more classy professional style cakes with consistent and uniform effects for using in displays where multi-effects limit the usage and more noisy boys. We have also been looking into the box and criss-cross effects in rockets and will be sure to let you know on our return what is coming.

EpicFireworks - ANY ONE GOT A LIGHTER???

If you do have any feedback about what you would like added to our range, please let us know and we will endeavour to help.


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