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Tesco Vs Epic Fireworks. Sharpshooters Roman Candle Pack.

Tesco Vs Epic Fireworks. Sharpshooters Roman Candle Pack.

Tesco Vs Epic Fireworks - Sharpshooters Roman Candles by Standard Fireworks

Tesco supermarket, we widely accept as being one of the top 4 in the UK but when it comes to pricing and fireworks, we have got it covered.

The Sharpshooter Roman Candle pack from Tesco is a full carton quantity and as such, you have to take 24 of the same item for the not inconsiderable £180.00 including VAT.

However, if you came along to Epic Fireworks, you could have a single pack of 4 of these beautiful roman candles for £14.94 inc VAT. Even if you did choose to have 6 packs, the Epic price is just £89.64 inc VAT. That just begs the question, why wouldn't you?

The staff at Epic work hard at ensuring that customers leave with what they wanted and needed and we give a fantastic warm welcome and of course, a hot drink is readily available to anyone who would like one.

The upshot is simple, if you want brilliant value for money, bring your £180.00 along to Epic Fireworks, sit and chat with one of our fantastic and fully experienced sales team with a hot drink and we will help you to put together a fantastic display for your Bonfire Night festivities.

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