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Taylor Swift-Inspired Fireworks Show Breaks World Record at the 2023 US Fireworks Championship

Taylor Swift-Inspired Fireworks Show Breaks World Record at the 2023 US Fireworks Championship

The night of September 24th, 2023, marked a groundbreaking moment for the Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians (KCAP) and their leader, Donnie Toms.

With 4,896 cues, 5,000 individual fireworks, 60 positions, 256 COBRA modules, and two COBRA remotes, their spectacular Taylor Swift-themed firework display was a monumental achievement. Which, not only clinched the Pro Display competition at the 2023 Sky Wars: US Fireworks Championship but also secured its place as the world's largest pyrotechnic display using COBRA Firing Systems.

KCAP's meticulous planning over nine months, involving Travis Kramer, Richie Bryson, Jacob Summers, Zach Huibregtse, Justin Fletcher, and a setup crew of around fifty members, paid off in creating the record-breaking spectacle.

Initially scheduled for September 23rd, KCAP's Sky Wars display faced a temporary setback due to a severe lightning storm, prompting a rescheduled launch on the following evening.

The entire show was choreographed to Taylor Swift songs and KCAP introduced two 16-inch firework shells, marking the first time shells larger than 12 inches were launched at the Innsbrook location.

The display also featured three 80-foot man lifts, each supporting a 360-degree pyrotechnic 'wheel,' reaching unprecedented heights on the Sky Wars field.

The 14-minute display, the second record-breaking show of the Sky Wars event, showcased the combination of world-class design and COBRA's precision and scalability.

Watch the seriously Epic Display

The decision to incorporate three 80-foot lifts and two 16-inch shells emerged from the KCAP team's quest for innovation at Sky Wars. The ambitious setup required creative problem-solving, ensuring a safe launch for the colossal 16-inch shells and securing a unique spot in the event's history.

The delayed launch on September 24th brought disappointment as the giant, 10,000 strong crowd from the previous day was absent. However, the intimate setting allowed the KCAP team to enjoy the celebration to the fullest and revel in their hard work coming to fruition. The team's relief was palpable, especially after overcoming technical difficulties just minutes before the show which saw them have to restart their command centre.

On Tuesday, September 26th, Donnie Toms received the call announcing KCAP as the winners of the 2023 Sky Wars Pro competition.

Commenting on the display, COBRA’s Scott Smith said, “A major deserved congrats to Donnie and the incredible team behind the KCAP winning show.” “The future is bright and KCAP has set a new bar for others to follow.”



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