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Taipei Looks forward to month-long Penghu Fireworks Festival

Taipei Looks forward to month-long Penghu Fireworks Festival

The annual Penghu Fireworks Festival is scheduled to begin on Saturday. The Penghu County Government, which has organized the event since 2003, plans large firework displays on designated nights for a month.

The Penghu County Government schedule says the fireworks displays will be held on every Wednesday and Saturday night from 8:30pm to 8:45pm next month. The display on the opening night this Saturday will be conducted in two stages and will feature several designs of fireworks, including two that will display a large windmill and the English word “Go!” The county government’s tourism bureau said in a statement earlier this month that this year’s festival would coincide with the Labor Day Holiday, which is a three-day weekend. The fireworks will be launched mainly from the coastal park at Guanyingting.

On May 16, the fireworks will be staged in the county’s Baisha Township. On the last day, they will be held in Husi Township. The number of rockets used will exceed 20,000 this year, the bureau said, while the organizer will also invite pop singers and local artists to perform at the festival.

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