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Sydney is First in Queue for Fireworks

Sydney is First in Queue for Fireworks

Major cities around the world host a spectacular firework display on New Year's Eve. One of the first to be seen worldwide is the Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks produced by Foti Fireworks and the City of Sydney.

Although it is now customary to fire off fireworks on New Year's Eve, in the past the idea was to scare 'bad forces' so they would not enter the new year. The most popular fireworks are still those that go off with a big bang or with a bright flash.

In Western Europe, the sale of fireworks to the general public is usually restricted to a week before New Year's Eve. However, this does not stop people from buying a large volume of fireworks in the weeks preceding New Year's Eve to be picked up during the selling days. Retail sales of fireworks in Europe differ from those of the US because of weight limits on the amount of powder that may be stored in a building.

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