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Sunderland Calling All Party Animals

Epic Fireworks Customers

The people of Sunderland still have time to organize a street party as part of the upcoming Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s 60-year reign as our Sovereign.

There is already a huge party to be held at Cliffe Park in the City, which will feature a free programme of outdoor events including film footage of the Queen in a reflection of some of the key moments of her reign.

There will be bands playing music spanning the last six decades, film footage of Royal visits to Sunderland and the cinema screen will show a matinee and evening performance of a film.

The finale of the weekend’s events will be the lighting of the beacon which will join the other thousands being lit across the country.

So, if you would like to join them or perhaps would rather mark the occasion with your own family fun barbecue, why not have some fireworks. DIY display packs start from as little as £295.00 with VAT and free delivery or come along to our showroom in South Yorkshire where a warm welcome and a cup of tea awaits you.

If you are able to get along to the showroom, our prices for rocket packs start with the 1.4g classified bazooka bombs at a very reasonable £2.16 (inc VAT) for 5 rockets to the beautiful Sky Thriller rocket £14.95 each.

We are still open 7-days a week, including the Bank Holiday weekend and would be delighted to see you.

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