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Sueca 2009 Pyromusical Ricardo Caballer

The footage below is from Suecca 2009 Pyro-musical by the fabulous Ricardo Caballer with the team from Ricassa which was shows on freakpyromaniacs forum for firework fanatics and we say ‘Si senor’.

Ricardo Caballer shows off his choreography skills during this beautiful pyro musical event.

These lads threw everything in the air for this wonderful sky filling event and the breaks were pin-point timed to coincide with the massive drum beats.

The colours were absolutely lovely but I have to say in defence of the British display specialists, like the recent competitors at the British Musical Fireworks Championships in Southport, we are blessed to have been treated to more specific pyro artistry that with this type of display as it appears that they threw a great deal of non-matching stuff up which gave a haphazard impression but the mixture of different musical ‘genre’ was quite nice.

The display team from Ricassa did well but I would have preferred a little less pyro which could potentially have been an absolutely lovely display.

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