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Steam Roller by Marvel Fireworks

Marvel Fireworks introduces the Steam Roller, 98 shots of pure pyro pleasure.

Many of you will remember the now timeless classic “Fire One” by Brothers Pyrotechnics.

The Fire One was one of our best sellers for a couple of years. Good duration and good effects made for a great all-around single ignition barrage and we sold thousands of them. Well, never ones to miss a good opportunity when we see it. When Brothers Pyrotechnics offered to make this for us under the Marvel Fireworks Label, how could we say no?

Marvel Fireworks has a reputation for great quality barrages and rockets with a brilliant cast of characters such as the Atomic Tornado and the famous Heat Seeker rocket pack. Not only great fireworks but also stunning and colourful artwork which appeals to everybody and paints a picture of what to expect from the fireworks itself. The Atomic Tornado could only be a stunning and powerful firework. The artwork on the label shows you all. Anyway, enough rambling, on to the review.

Marvel Fireworks introduces the Steam Roller, a magnificent single ignition barrage with a long duration, large calibre and excellent performance.

Red and Green comets and peonies turn into large clouds of coloured glitter. Fanned red peonies with silver strobes, giant silver chrysanthemums and spinning silver tails. Glittering brocades and crackling tails with mixed coloured bouquets. This is simply awesome, great duration at over 1 and a half minutes and 98 large bore tubes make this a fantastic barrage and one not to miss.

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