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Statue of Litian, the Godfather of fireworks

Statue of Litian, the Godfather of fireworks

Li Tian Statue at Fireworks Museum

The man, the myth, the legend.... and now the statue.

Fireworks were discovered quite by accident many many centuries ago and they were discovered by this great man here.

This huge statue of the godfather of fireworks is part of the Fireworks museum in Liuyang City, Hunan, China. Litian is given full credit for bringing fireworks to the world and is a popular figure there. There is a shrine in the museum where hopeful pyrotechnists pray to him for good fortune and to keep all their fingers intact.

The great man himself was a monk and lived about 1000 years ago. Want to learn more about him? Epic Fireworks have got it covered. Read The origin of fireworks

Forefather of fireworks Li-Tian #LiTian #Li-Tian #Fireworks

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